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Site Under Construction

Attention homeowners: The Southlake Ranch HOA Board recognizes that this site needs updating. We lost our webmaster some time ago and have been seeking a new one. Please note that current information including forms and meeting agendas are available on the website which our management company, Goodwin Management, Inc. maintains. The web link is

You may still reach the board via this website and announcements will be posted and updated.

New Property Manager

As of Monday, April 1, 2013 we will have a new property manager.  Kathy Taylor has been re-assigned to work with other properties. Our new manager is Andrew Hopkins.

 His contact details are below:

Andrew Hopkins 

Goodwin Management, Inc.

11149 Research Blvd., #100

Austin, Texas 78759

email: Email:

phone # (512) 852-7907

fax# (512) 346-4873

 PLACE FOR PAYMENT:  Send all payments to the following address:

Southlake Ranch HOA

C?O Goodwin Processing Center

PO Box 93447

Las Vegas, NV  89193-3447

 BILL PAYMENT SERVICES:  If you use a bill payment service that automatically makes payments for you, please change the name of the payee and the address for payment to the PO Box address listed above.  We apologize, but your service will not allow us to make the change for you.



Neighborhood Inspection (CC&Rs and Lawn) Schedule

Goodwin Management, Inc. will be in the neighborhood for CC&R inspections every other Tuesday throughout the year. These bi-weekly inspections will happen in the same week that you put out your recycle bins.

Hopefully, by making you aware of this schedule, it will help you schedule your lawn maintenance (i.e. mowing, weeding, weed-eating and edging), ensuring that your trash cans are in place and general yard appearance is the best that it can be. We will continue to put out signs at both entrances to remind you.

Please give Property Manager Andrew Hopkins a call or email if you are having some special circumstances that are preventing you from keeping your property in good condition.  Andrew can be reached at Mobile: 512-431-7531 / Office: 512-852-7907or